Online Reading Curriculum for Kids Reviewed by Homeschooling Moms

online reading program Reading Kingdom

Each week, we’re featuring reviews of moms part of The Old Schoolhouse magazine’s review crew who are using the Reading Kingdom with their children. The crew was offered a free year subscription of the Reading Kingdom program to help us spread the word about the program. Click the their names to visit their blogs, and be sure to follow our Reading Kingdom Twitter list featuring some of our homeschooling parents.

“My 5 year old really enjoys the sights and sounds making this learning program fun. Reading Kingdom is so full of color it really draws her in to the lessons and makes them seem like a game instead of school.” Mindy Brasher

“Visually speaking this program is appealing to the young student. It is bright and interactive and doesn’t seem like school. At least that’s what my 6yo says! She asks to do it everyday and doesn’t believe me that it is part of her school work.”Renita Terrell

“The program [is a] a bonus for busy, large families or public/privately schooled children to make up for reading program deficiencies.” Suzette May

Let the Reading Kingdom program help your children learn to read. Start your free, 30-day trial today.