Online Reading Program is both Educational AND Fun!

An online reading program becomes far more effective when children think they’re playing a game. The Reading Kingdom online reading program and game does exactly that. Sherry Huckeba from Family Love and Other Stuff has just discovered how much her son loves “playing” at the Reading Kingdom while learning how to read at the same time. Here’s what she had to say about our online reading program and game:

“I want to tell you what my son thinks of the program. He calls it his “owl game” because the narrator is this little owl that tells him what the next steps are in the program. Reading Kingdom thought of everything when it came to making this software “kid” friendly.

Every aspect of the software works together to keep the children engaged and learning, from the graphics to the music to the “owl”. Parents even get a progress report emailed once a course is completed outlining how your child has done and what the next steps should be. I know at the end of each day’s learning, my son wants to see how well he has done. They have a chart with child friendly graphics so that your child can see just how well he is doing and what they may need to work on again…They use positive reinforcement to teach and I find that a wonderful teaching tool.

I really enjoy watching my son learn and this program has taught him so much already. My husband asks my son to read the clock and tell him what time it is, but my son always reads it backwards. Today, when my husband asked him to read the clock, he read from left to right! I attribute this milestone to Reading Kingdom. I am excited watch my son grow and learn to read. I recommend adding Reading Kingdom to help improve your child’s reading ability.” — Sherry Huckeba, Family Love and Other Stuff

When your children are playing and learning with Lingo the Reading Kingdom owl, they are having fun AND learning without thinking that they’re in an actual “learning environment”. If your child is learning to read, but doesn’t like sitting through boring lessons, sign them up for our online reading program that acts as a reading game. You’ll be surprised when your children are learning and laughing their way through literacy lessons designed for success. Join Lingo and the Reading Kingdom today with a free 30 day trial!