Our online reading program builds confidence in young readers!

Valerie is a blogger whose daughter loves to play the “owl game” at Reading Kingdom.  Here’s what she had to say about how our approach to learning leads to reading and writing success.

“The Reading Kingdom online reading program has been both engaging and educational for my 4 four old daughter Sophia.  She enjoys “playing” on the computer and navigating both the keyboard and mouse much like her Mommy.  She has developed a confidence in reading and is very eager to log on and play the “owl game” every morning.  I have such an appreciation for the tools designed for parents; we even get a progress report emailed once a course is completed outlining how Sophia has done.  I have also read Reading Kingdom’s, the Reading Remedy and really look forward to implementing all of her suggestions as I watch my child turn into a little reader. I thank the Reading Kingdom for making this tutorial educational, interactive, entertaining and affordable.  I highly recommend the Reading Kingdom to all parents who seek to empower their kids with the tools necessary for reading!” — Valerie Vazquez

If you want your children to enjoy reading, sign them up for a free 30 day trial of Reading Kingdom.  Our online learning program is specifically designed to be effective and fun while building a solid foundation of literacy skills.  We’ll see you soon!