Our online reading program motivates children to succeed!

When parents see the results Reading Kingdom brings, they’re more than happy to use it. Lisa and her son Alex have returned to our magical land of literacy to find an upgraded version of our online reading program.  Here are her thoughts on how we’re teaching her son learn to read and write.

We LOVE Reading Kingdom!! Reading Kingdom was very helpful in teaching my son Alex to read the last time we reviewed the program.  We already knew and loved that the program teaches reading and writing in a fun and interesting way and I loved their approach to doing so.  But, since our last review, there have been several improvements made to the program that have made it even better!

The biggest frustration I had with my son, Anthony, the first time we reviewed the program (he was 5 at the time) was that he got frustrated that he didn’t have enough time to put in his whole answer.  One of the changes the program is that the parent can go in and adjust the amount of time the child has to answer.

The student can now earn points for their correct answers and as they earn them it opens up new levels on their passport.  This has been very motivating to Anthony and he often completes more than one lesson to see his points grow!  We love the improvements on the reader report that shows exactly where your child is both in their level and in the complete program.  It makes it so much easier for me to see how he is doing without having to sit and watch him.  Parents can move the child forward or back a level if they choose to with a quick note to customer service who will respond quickly and courteously.

Anthony enjoys playing Reading Kingdom so much that he even requests to play it on the week-ends.  But the most important part of that is not just that he is having fun, but learning the skills he needs to read and write successfully.  That knowledge goes beyond being able to recognize the words in the game.  He is remembering and reading those words he has learned when he sees them other places.” – Lisa Trombley

You will be proud when your child starts reciting words they’ve learned using Reading Kingdom. Read testimonials from parents and educators, then sign up for a free 30 day trial today and build the strong foundation in literacy that every child needs to succeed.