Our Online Reading Program is a Hit with Kids

The Reading Kingdom asked Moms to try out the Reading Kingdom online reading program with their kids over the summer. Jenn, from the blog Recently Asked Questions, had this to say about the Reading Kingdom.

Jenn and her husband

WOW!  I have had the pleasure of reviewing a fabulous educational program over the past several weeks. My kids, ages 4 and 6, often beg to do more!  They really love it and consider it more of a fun game than an actual lesson…I *love* that the program also teaches sequencing.  It teaches choosing left to right when dealing with words and letters.The kids are having a total blast and learning is fun (not a chore!)  After every task they are asked to complete, they do it and they immediately correct it or have a little celebration with graphics and sound!  The kiddos always know how they are doing.

Read more of Jenn’s review of the Reading Kingdom online reading program here.


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