Our Online Reading Program Shows Parents Results


Jenn is a mom who uses Reading Kingdom with her two daughters.  Here’s what she thinks about our online reading program:

“I recently have had the opportunity to review an Interactive Online Reading Program with my girls. We have used Reading Kingdom for a couple months now and I have been very impressed. My girls love playing the game on Mommy’s computer. They were each given an assessment so that the program knew where they were at. After the assessment they were able to start the program at their own levels.

Ariana does a beautiful job with it. The program has really helped her with the placement and order of letters in words. She has learned to go from left to right and it is stuck in her head! She just flies by in the program and has a blast doing it. I really look forward to see what the rest of the program will hold for her and where it will take her.

Lily tries very hard. It is like a game so she enjoys doing it and practicing. A lot of her problem is mouse control but she gets better every day. The program has helped Lily get a better handle on her alphabet and recognizing her letters. She is learning letter placement as well. The program has been so helpful and is an amazing tool while preparing her for Kindergarten.

I personally love this program! The best thing about it is how is customizes itself to each child. After all, every child is different and learns at their own pace.  The program is bright, colorful, fun, interactive and educational. Honestly I believe this is a wonderful program for any child! I have already recommended it to others. I couldn’t be happier with the results my girls have gotten from it. It is worth it! Head on over and get your free 30 day trial so you can see how great it is!!!” — Lisa Kuhl

Get your free 30 day trial now! You’ll be just as happy as Lisa when you see how Reading Kingdom is customized to your child’s own learning level, guiding them along as they journey to become proficient readers and writers.  We’ll see you in our magical land of literacy soon!