Parents, teachers and children rave about rewards & results!

Reading Kingdom is the go-to resource for thousands of parents and educators teaching children how to read.   Children receive rewards when they learn to read, while their parents and teachers receive excellent results and couldn’t be happier.

Maribel is both a mom and educator who sees the benefits Reading Kingdom brings.  Here’s what she thinks about our online reading software:

“One of the options that I appreciated about the program was the different levels the on-line program offers. I also appreciated being able to have my daughter assessed with The Progress Check at the end of each of the levels of reading/writing. This information showed if she had mastered that particular level. This was very beneficial for me because I was able to use the information for her annual review.

Something that I also found beneficial was how Reading Kingdom would provide a set of review activities to bring my daughter to the level needed for continued progress when she would misspell a word. The activities enabled her to overcome any errors she had committed… One of my favorite options of this program was the reports. I’m a certified teacher and seeing results is very important to me. Having the options for the student to acquire points was also a bit motivating to my daughter.

Reading Kingdom also provided the opportunity for my daughter to complete the activity on her own which gave me the possibility of taking care of other things…I appreciated that the program was structured to allow my daughter to skip words she already knew how to read and write. After a very short time she was able to use the program on her own. I appreciated being able to log into my account and view a report of my daughter’s progress. The reports were also emailed to me. Reading Kingdom is complete for its purpose and I would recommend it.” – Maribel Sanders

You can join the thousands of parents and educators using our groundbreaking approach for teaching kids how to read. Sign up for a free 30 day trial of our program to see and track the positive results Reading Kingdom brings to children’s learning.  Lingo the owl hopes to see you soon!