Pete Carroll on Raising Kids to Be Confident in Who They Are


Seattle Seahawks head coach and co-founder of Win Forever Consulting Pete
Carroll recently spoke with the Huffington Post about high performance and how
that model breeds success in all aspects of daily life. In this installment of that
conversation, Carroll discusses the importance of instilling confidence in your
children and how celebrating what makes them unique will bring about optimal

“Sometimes the rub would come because you want [your children] to be
something other then what they are”, Carroll told Huffington Post correspondent
Jordan Schultz, “They may not be the straight A student, but they may be something
so valuable. We have to accept that and support that and love them through so they
can be the best they can possibly be”.

Carroll stresses that even though parents may want their kids to have
everything, the reality is that their children might not. They might want something different out of life.

“They have their own life to live. I think we have got to figure out what that is. Uncover it with long term, openhearted investigation and truth and then support
the heck out of it. Love them to what they potentially can be. “

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