Physics app for kids: Milk and Coffee


There’s no denying that physics can be a bizarre topic.  And in the true fashion of physics itself, it can be taught in all imaginable ways – including in an app for kids!  Our friends at YogiPlay explain why Milk and Coffee is one of the apps for kids we recommend.

This is a virtual physics puzzle whose goal is to get two kitten friends back together. Players arrange floating balloons, fans, tacks, and other items to move “Coffee” along a path towards her friend, “Milk”. Coffee has to move between platforms and avoid obstacles to reach her goal. The puzzle has a theatrical setting with five different “Episodes” composed of 20 Acts each. Each Act is a level that must be earned within an Episode. Between each Act, the audience cheers and a curtain closes and opens. Players can choose their own Episode, each of which has it’s own background, obstacles, and music. The cute, big-eyed kittens may be more appealing to girls in this age group than boys.

Milk and Coffee is available on iTunes for 0.99.  Click here to download

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