Poetry apps for kids from 0 to any age (yours included!)


21st century technology is quickly changing how kids learn. Timbuktu shares a great example of how learning apps for kids can help teach a wide range of subjects, including poetry!

“Ah, how we love wonderful iPad apps! iF Poems, for instance.

Guess who told us about it? Helena Bonham Carter, here.

The introduction is promising, and indeed this app is full of things to like. To begin with, a selection of 270 poems to pick from by authors such as T. S. Eliot, Lewis Carroll or William Shakespeare, divided to match the specific educational needs of three age groups: 0-6, 7-12, 13 and over. The poems can be browsed in several ways – by subject for instance, or author – and there are special features including the possibility of looking up every word in the dictionary (very useful for kids, and parents too!). And you can listen to recordings of great actors, including Helena Bonham Carter herself and Bill Nighy, reading the poems.

Is that all? No! There’s more. What we think is possibly the best part is that you can record yourself reading a poem, or use the app to write one, or even better write a poem and read it too. And then email it to someone!

We think this is a fantastic way to introduce kids to poetry, and to let them experiment with words: it’s as easy as drawing, really.

Get the app and spend some time this summer reading and composing poetry with your children and some by yourself too.”

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