President Pennybaker

President Pennybaker is a story about a young boy who decides to run for president.  The book is reviewed by Sweet on Books.

What you need to know:

• This book is about a young boy who is prompted to run for president after feeling dissatisfied by the rules his parents
have forced upon him (clean his room, brush teeth, etc).
• President Pennybaker is a very engaging and accessible story about the road to the Presidency for a slightly older
• This is not a picture book for toddlers, as there is too much story to retain.

Sweet Book Summary:

President Pennybaker is a funny picture book about a young boy running for President. Luke Pennybaker asked his dad if he could watch TV.  His request was answered with five new questions, including:  did you… clean your room?  feed the fish?  eat your lunch? brush your teeth? and ask your mom if she needed anything? When Luke Pennybaker answered no to all five questions, his Dad said no TV.  When Luke completed the five things his dad asked him to do, Luke asked if he could watch TV now?  To which Dad responded, still no.  “It was at this very moment, this precise instant, this exact time and place that Luke realized life was unfair.”

And so goes this funny, irony-filled story of how Luke Pennybaker became the youngest boy ever to run for president. Luke decided that he would do whatever he could to make life fair.  The story follows Luke on the campaign trail.  His campaign promises included you will only have to do homework when you want to, you can eat desert any time of day, you can go to bed anytime you feel like it, and so on.  Luke signs his dog Lily to the election ticket as vice president and they win!  But very soon, Luke realizes running a country isn’t easy. And suddenly cleaning his room, brushing his teeth and feeding the fish seem far more preferable.

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