Our Program Helps Create Lifelong Readers


Emily is a mom who used Reading Kingdom as part of her teaching toolkit to help her 3 kids become lifelong readers.  Here’s what she thinks about our program:

We have worked hard to instill a love of reading in our kids, but as with anything worth doing, it is often hard work at first.  This is the case with learning to read. We have been using the online reading software Reading Kingdom for the past month or so with the boys.

Both boys enjoyed using the program but they worked at different levels and at very different paces. My second grader, reading at a second grade level, took the skills assessment and got started right  away. He worked quickly through the earliest lessons, some of which were sequencing skills review, but then he slowed down as the lessons got more targeted in teaching reading and typing skills. Even as the pace slowed down, he still really enjoyed using Reading Kingdom. He saw using this as more like game play rather than reading even though, as I watched, he was definitely reading. The second grade level focuses on sight words and reading comprehension.  I liked how it incorporated basic typing skills one row of the keyboard at a time.  Liam started with two rows from which to find the letters.

When my almost 5 year old was working through the lessons, I saw more areas that needed attention.  As I sat with him and watched him work on the lessons, I saw why.  He enjoyed the pictures and sounds and stories, but using the keyboard was so new to him, it really slowed him down. He had no previous typing experience.  The lessons could at times get long for my 4-year-old, whose primary lesson focus was on sequencing.  He enjoyed the lessons, but rarely finished one in one sitting.  My 8-year-old on the other hand, loved it, had fun with it and could do more than one lesson at a time and often did. They both loved the cute animations and sounds throughout the program. The graphics added to the fun for both boys.

Overall, Reading Kingdom was a great addition.  The customer service was great.  The software is easy for the kids to use and they could log in without my help.

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