Read Aloud Books for Kids: How to Heal a Broken Wing


Empathy is an important lesson for both children and adults.  How to Heal a Broken Wing by Bob Graham teaches this lesson well.  Our friends at Sweet on Books explain why:

What You Need to Know:

• How to Heal a Broken Wing is a spare, warm-hearted allegory about kindness and caring for our neighbors.
• From a child’s perspective, it is an appealing story that teaches a concrete lesson in empathy.
• I could see using it with an egomaniacal toddler (aren’t they all?) as easily as I see a fourth grade teacher using it as she creates a sharing classroom community.


How to Heal a Broken Wing is the story of a little boy in the big city, who is the only one to notice an injured bird.  The little boy and his mom take the little bird home, nurse it back to health and set it free. At first glance this tale can seem the teensiest bit overdone.  But if you walked away from this book on that impression, you would lose.  This can be a powerful book and produce worthwhile conversations with a child. It speaks to adults, as well.  Anything that prompts us to stop, take a breath and notice what is happening to the people around us in this frenetic world could be a welcome reminder, for both adult and child.

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