Read Aloud Books for Kids: I Love You the Purplest


Read aloud books for kids like I Love You the Purplest by Barbara M. Joosse are great books to discover and rediscover.  Melissa Young from Sweet on Books explains why:

What You Need to Know:

• Another wonderful book that is not so new. You should discover it for the first time like me (thank you Lisi!), or rediscover it.
• I Love You the Purplest makes a wonderful read-aloud.
• This would make a very nice new baby gift, it is a good one to cuddle up with.
• This story also shows a very positive model of a possible single mom. I say possible, because it seems likely she is a single mom, although there is no discussion of it.


This is a beautiful, quiet story about a mom and her two twin sons, Max and Julian. When the boys ask, “Mama, who do you love the best?”, this soothing story is their answer. Throughout this account of a twilight fishing expedition, the boys jockey for Mama’s attention and clamor to have her admit which one of them is best.  Joose’s prose is spare yet descriptive. Mama cleverly tells them all about their different, but very equal, qualities. When Max catches three fish and Julian one, Mama exclaims, “… (Max) what a bountiful fisherman you are,” and then tells Julian, “…you’re the cleverest. Your fish hid in the weeds, but you waited.”

The story moves along with scenes like this until they go to bed. As Mama tucks them in, the boys ask the biggest question parents have been asked by siblings throughout the ages, “Mama, who do you love the best?” Mama’s response is Joose’s prettiest prose. She tells the boys how she loves Julian the bluest and Max the reddest, which incidentily matches the personalities of the two little boy’s characters that the author has developed so fully and in so few words.  I Love You The Purplest would make any child feel loved just listening to the tranquil language, which combines with pretty portrait-like illustrations. This story would make a perfect bedtime story. It would also help any child who is wondering if they are as loved as their siblings.

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