Reading early can prevent learning troubles later in life

reading early

Reading is the single most important skill a child will ever learn. All educational success depends on it. Department of Education statistics however, show that 2 out of 3 children fail to become proficient readers. The Press Register explains how reading early can prevent learning troubles later in life:

Once you have learned to read, you might not give much thought to the amazing complexity of this seemingly simple act.  Most of us who read and do so easily take it for granted. However, the process, especially in a non-phonetic language such as English, really gives me pause. First you have to learn standard letter sounds: “a, e, i, o, u”. Then you have to master blends such as ch, sh, and tch. Further along you have to learn to decode enough, thorough, know, elephant, and so forth. You also have to smoothly put together the various sound combinations into words, and there are a large number of sight words you must master (the, a, and many key words).

If you are lucky to be starting to read in Spanish, then you simply have to figure out the letter sounds and learn how to combine them since it’s a phonetic language. English, French, and languages that are not pose a steeper challenge. Of course languages that do not use phonetic alphabets but that instead use characters (logograms) for larger chunks of words (morphemes), such as Chinese,operate differently in the brain, and some studies suggest that this affects the way speakers of these languages process and store information. (Learning another language, whether or not it has a different alphabet is always good for expanding the brain, but that is another column.)”
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