Reading for Kids Opens New Potential for the Future

Children have incredibly powerful learning abilities.  Teaching reading to kids must foster these abilities to develop a complete range of literacy skills for both reading and writing.

Our founder, Dr. Marion Blank shared this quote from her book, The Reading Remedy below:

“By broadening the scope of what we teach children and the way we teach children, we can give them access to powerful abilities that are inside each and every human being.  It is then that the door to reading opens wide.”


If you want a reading for kids program that gives your children the ability to fully harness their learning power, sign up for a free 30 day trial of the Reading Kingdom.  Our program focuses on preschool reading, kindergarten reading, 1st grade reading, 2nd grade reading and 3rd grade reading, giving children the building blocks they need to become successful readers and writers.

“Dr. Marion Blank has created a monumental work that makes available to educators, therapists and families her simple, straightforward and time-tested approach.”  — Dr. Jeffrey A. Lieberman, Columbia University