Reading Is The Foundation Of Learning

By Neha Jain for BW Education

The adage perfectly encapsulates the importance of fostering a reading habit. Books are the best companion one can have in life. They are a powerhouse of knowledge and foundation of learning. This is precisely why reading is crucial for kids. Reading boosts a kid’s self esteem and adds wings to their imagination. It also helps in building vocabulary and learning. So, let’s see some other benefits of encouraging reading habits in kids.

Lets children explore the world

Reading opens the door to learning everything about anything. Reading improves a child’s knowledge of the world, including people, places, and events. It helps them learn new things and broadens their knowledge in any area of life that piques their interest. They are exposed to fresh ideas and perspectives that they were previously unaware of. It enables kids to become aware of worlds other than their own. It is, undoubtedly, the most effective way of learning.

Workout for the brain

Reading is the best way to keep your brain healthy. The more brain training a child receives, the better they will learn. Encouraging kids to read aids in the verbal and visual processing of information and improves overall brain function and memory. As a result, encouraging your children to read more will help them improve their comprehension and vocabulary in the long run.

Help in developing a positive self-image

Kids who struggle with reading at a young age are likely to become disheartened and disappointed. This can make children feel alone, making them less likely to participate in events. As a result, encouraging them to read and understand new concepts will aid in the development of positive self-esteem in kids, laying a solid basis for learning and success in life.

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