This Cook’s Shares Her Recipe for Getting Kids to Read

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On your blog you cook… What “recipe” do you think makes a great reader?

It starts young – reading at bedtime, and having books accessible for the kids to pull is a start. But truly great readers come from houses where parents read too, and encourage reading as a fun activity rather than a chore.

What are some of your favorite children’s books you like to read with your kids?

Mia, my 6-year-old, is reading on her own now, so things are changing in the reading world in our house! We still read Pinkalicious and Fancy Nancy, but she also enjoys when I read chapter books to her. We’ll read a chapter of “Little House on the Prairie” before bed now – one of my favorites when I was in elementary/middle school, so I’m excited for this transition. Jack, my two year old, still chooses Goodnight Moon a lot of nights for his bedtime book, and it will always remind me of fond memories of the kids’ childhood.

Do your kids have a favorite book character they like to read?

Mia would say her favorite character is Fancy Nancy. Or Pinkalicious. OR a combo of both. Jack would say SpongeBob, because that’s his answer for most anything with the word “favorite” attached.

How do you incorporate reading in your family’s (and kids) lifestyle?

We read every night before bed. The kids each get to choose their book at bedtime, and it’s part of the routine. In the younger years, they always picked the same book. For weeks. Jack’s current favorite (for the past three weeks) has been SpongeBob Plays Baseball. But as Mia gets older, she’s had fun picking a different book each night. Now she chooses between a chapter of a long book, a regular book, or a shorter one that she can read herself.

I’m happy both kids love reading so much – I sure did as a child!