Reading Kingdom Adds the Right Element for Children with Dyslexia


Rebekah is a mom who tried out Reading Kingdom for her son with Dyslexia. Here’s what she thought about our approach to helping children learn to read:

I am always looking for something to give Josiah just a little extra something. It could be that extra something that makes all the difference. He is 11 years old and dyslexic.

The program certainly highlighted Josiah’s struggles.  When asked to find a specific word such as “some” he doesn’t have any difficulty. However, when asked to spell “some” he will spell it phonetically. If he is asked to find a word such as “rocket” in a whole paragraph he will get flustered (with a smaller group of words he is fine). He is at the stage where he will eventually find it, but not without some wailing and gnashing of teeth.  And forget about spelling “rocket” off the cuff. He would spell it something like “rokit.” I found that the program dealt specifically with this issue. It didn’t simply ask him to click on words that were dictated to him.

Reading Kingdom is not simply a “point and click” kind of program. Spelling and keyboarding are key components.

I will tell you that the typing option is pretty great. Your child does not have to be a proficient typist in the traditional manner. However, there is something about learning to find your way around a keyboard. I think it has made a big difference with Josiah. I realize that some might not see the need to incorporate typing skills into a reading program. With kids like Josiah who do not learn in the traditional manner, that little motor development (almost like a muscle memory) helps it stick.

Josiah enjoys it and I can see that he is making progress.  It has helped my frustration level tremendously. It is suggested that you don’t assist your child. That is very hard sometimes, but I actually found that he was perfectly capable of doing the job.

See how the Reading Kingdom can work in your family and sign up for a free 30 day trial. Lingo and company will see you soon!