Reading Kingdom creates stress free learning!

Imagine having one of the world’s top experts in literacy teaching your children and students how to read.

Reading Kingdom makes this happen.

Kelly is a mom whose daughter not only agrees to do her reading homework, but enjoys it! Here’s more of what she has to say:

“I really like this program…things are going swimmingly.  She [my daughter] has been completing the lessons much quicker, so there hasn’t been a fight when it’s time to get them done.  The games and activities have had enough variety, so she’s not getting bored with them.  We are using this as a supplement to our other Language Arts, but it could easily be used as a standalone curriculum.” — Kelly Griffin

Designed by one of the world’s top experts in literacy, Dr. Marion Blank, Reading Kingdom has successfully brought a love for reading into homes and classrooms everywhere.  Read rave reviews from thousands of parents and educators, then click here to sign up for 30 days of our reading program for FREE!