Reading Kingdom Deftly Deals with Dyslexia


Athena is a mom whose son has Dyslexia.  She signed him up for Reading Kingdom and quickly saw how our online reading program uses a unique approach to attack this learning disability.  Here’s what she has to say:

My son Chad is 10 years old and has Dyslexia.  He is at about a 2nd grade level in his reading.  What is really great about Reading Kingdom is that your child is given a skills assessment and then placed at the level they need to be at.  The program adjusts to your child’s skill level and where he/she needs to be.  This aspect of the program makes me feel good about how he is progressing. I know he is learning what he needs to.  Chad enjoys Reading Kingdom-he is learning but still having fun.  The activities are fun for kids, while they learn!

The Reading Kingdom is highly beneficial for children diagnosed with dyslexia. Sign up for a free 30 day trial to see how Lingo and company creates positive change in children’s lives.