Reading Kingdom Finds and Fills Gaps in Literacy Skills


Rebecca is a mom whose daughter is using Reading Kingdom to give her literacy skills a boost.  Although her daughter is already reading above a third grade level, Rebecca was surprised at what our program found, and the remedies it provided.  Here’s what she has to say:

I liked this program for my daughter because she does lack in her spelling. It helped her to see the word and hear the word at the same time. I also liked that the parents were emailed a report of the child’s progress. I also liked how it showed how much the child has completed in each level and the total programI know it helped her with her spelling, but it did also help her with her reading. She is able to read faster now and doesn’t hesitate much when reading out loud.  We give this program 4 stars!
Find and fix the learning gaps left by traditional teaching strategies with Reading Kingdom.  Sign up for a free 30 day trial to make sure your children build strong literacy skills, placing a strong foundation in place for literacy success.  Lingo and company will see you soon!