Counting Kingdom Review: “Reading Kingdom Has Counting Kingdom To Help With Numbers!”


“Being a parent means that you want the best things for your kids. We want to encourage them. We want to make sure that they have the best opportunities to succeed so they can be productive adults and confident in their choices. Starting with their education, you can help them when they need to slow it down so they can understand it better and when they need an extra challenge.  
When I used Reading Kingdom with my daughter a few years ago, we were so happy. That was before the pandemic and everyone was living and learning at a regular pace. Since we are home and kids aren’t getting the instruction they are used to having and these lessons are needed more than ever. 

Sometimes the curriculum was too difficult for our kids to get through and they needed a little bit of help understanding the material or even a little more time to figure it out. I can tell you firsthand how frustrating it is when your child needs help or is not being challenged the way they should be. 

We recently had the opportunity to work with Counting Kingdom. It’s an online resource that helps kids to learn at their own pace. My nephew Rylan helped with the review of Counting Kingdom and had so much fun doing it. He was excited to get to the next section to see how well he could do. It was so much fun getting the progress reports. 
Things that you can expect your child to learn Counting Kingdom:

  • There are so many math fundamentals available on the Counting Kingdom program your child will be able to recognize, count, and understand the meaning of numbers up to 10.
  • Calculate the number of objects in a group. Understand the particular number of objects that have a fixed value despite the size or nature of those objects.
  • Understand geometric shapes and be able to sort objects by shape.
  • Comprehend key math concepts such as “same as”, “all”, “all”, “another one”, and “the right number”.

Along with the teaching core ideas in math, the program enhances the student’s conceptual and reasoning ability another goal of the program is for the teacher students to understand the variety of linguistic forms in which math concepts can appear. 
Calculate a number of objects that can appear as “how many are here”, “count these”, “give me x of these”, “write the number that shows how many are here”. 
Using different forms of wording makes it easier for the student to learn in a more natural environment. It’s not every day that we tell our little ones to go calculate something. That’s a big word and in some ways, the wording in math can be tricky. By using wordage that they understand will help them produce a better outcome.
Starting out with Counting Kingdom

So, you made the choice to subscribe to an online program to help your child succeed with numbers and number comprehension. Counting Kingdom is a great landing zone to do just that.

When you first sign up and get started your little one can take an assessment that will set the tone for the program. It allows your child to start where they need to start at a pace that they can control. One feature that is very amazing to me is the speed up/ slow down option. You can adjust it any time you need to depending on your kiddo’s needs. 
What I love about it is the don’t get bored with it. At school, it’s very easy to get bored with the lesson if they aren’t following it or if they already know it. This is a HUGE deal for them. 

Options For Your Student
Reading Kingdom has so many options for the kids to excel at a pace that is great for them. The parents can adjust the speed of the program. 
Parents can keep track of the progress as the kids move through the lessons. You can easily see the lesson, how they did, and even let them re-do the section. You can also see how far along your student is into the lesson and levels.
Not Just For Homebound Students
What makes Reading Kingdom and Counting Kingdom so awesome is it is available for classroom kids as well as at home kids. It’s a resource that is available when you want to log in and work on the lessons. It’s available anywhere you want to bring it up on A computer, laptop, or tablet. Rylan likes doing the lessons on his tablet so he can sit where ever he’s comfortable to get the most out of it. 

If you are looking for a platform for your little ones to help them learn the basics of math and numbers up to 10, Counting Kingdom is a great place to be.”

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