Reading Kingdom is Perfect for any Homeschooling Curriculum


Parents and teachers have found our online reading program and game to be a perfect addition to any homeschooling curriculum.  Heather is a mom who searched the internet for an addition to her son’s reading curricula and found Reading Kingdom.  Here’s what she thinks:

“I’m always on the lookout for fun computer programs that will supplement our homeschooling curricula in teaching my children.  The deciding factors for me is the fun factor (has to seem like a game for the kids), personalization, track my child, and be divided into quick lessons.  Reading Kingdom has fit all of my criteria for a great online program for my boys.

I used Reading Kingdom with my oldest who is 5 years old initially.  He immediately latched onto the program and loves the owl that the game features. My son is learning great things about how to read and understand words.  It has been having greater success at teaching him than I have had 1-on-1 with my child.  He is incredibly stubborn, and the fun factor has won him over.  It is meant to lead him through the program alone, with no help from me.  All I did was set him up for the account and encourage him to come up with the answers himself.  He has figured out how to play it and can do it on his own.” – Heather McDougle

The fact is that children can have FUN as they learn to read!  We’re so confident that our online reading program and game will fit your homeschooling curriculum that we’re giving the first 30 days are FREE.  The doorway to our magical land of literacy is open – we’ll see you soon!