Reading Kingdom PERFECT for multi-level Homeschooling


Renata is a mom who signed up 3 of her homeschoolers who are each at different reading levels, for Reading Kingdom.  Here’s more about her experience:

Each of our 3 participants used Reading Kingdom daily for this review.  They used it in addition to their normal learning programs.  All three children were able to easily complete 2 lessons each day.  They all began in letter land as they needed additional keyboard skills; however they very quickly passed this as they became familiar with the letter placements on the keyboard. My children were so independent in their usage of Reading Kingdom that I actually had to specifically sit down & watch them work so I could do this review.   All have only basic computer skills, yet still found it easy to negotiate around the program independently & would often talk about different components & what they were up to.  I was able to have them login themselves & complete their lessons whilst I taught another student another subject. This greatly assisted me in our multi-level homeschooling.

I was pleasantly surprised how different the learning paths were for each of our twins.  Although both boys are (obviously) the same age, they are at different stages & have different learning needs.  Reading Kingdom catered individually to these differences and each boy’s program was unique

I listen daily to the twins as they read aloud from readers.  This is part of our normal school day.  I was pleasantly surprised at their sudden jump in reading ability after using Reading Kingdom for just two weeks.  This improvement has continued to progress at a much faster rate than it was previously.  Reading Kingdom has also helped their spelling improve.

See how Reading Kingdom’s unique approach addresses the needs of each child individually, making it a perfect program for any learning environment.  Sign up for a free 30 day trial today – Lingo and company will see you soon!