Reading Kingdom: The preferred reading program!

Children everywhere love what Lingo and company are doing at the Reading Kingdom.  Michele is a mom whose son has recently started using AND enjoying our online reading program & game.  Here’s what she has to say:

“We have had the privilege of reviewing the Reading Kingdom website with our 5 year old. We were currently “doing” another reading program, but this is the one CJ began to ask to use daily…What I loved most- that CJ asks daily to use this program.  When we took some time off to travel, he asked when we could get home to start again.

It is not always easy for him, there are definitely some challenging aspects, but he is learning to read and gaining confidence. Our bottom line, LOVE IT! We have since shelved the other reading program for a while and will continue to work with Reading Kingdom for the rest of the year.  If he is learning to read and enjoying it all at the same time, how can we go wrong?” — Michele Pleasants

When you see how our educational and fun reading software improves children’s learning ability and confidence, you’ll shelve the other reading program too.  Click here to sign up for a free 30 day trial of Reading Kingdom and start building a strong foundation of literacy in your children today!