The Reading Kingdom program: Making Moms happy!

All parents want their children to excel in their reading and writing ability. Shelley from Sweep Tight was happy to finally find our online reading program for kids that works with her daughters individual group of needs to improve them.



“My daughter is six years old and loves school. Unfortunately, our district has really backwards policies for kindergarten schedules and she was only offered half-day schooling. She went from full-day preschool, to half-day kindergarten. This was a huge step back for her education. I actually quit my night job so that I had enough energy to attempt to tutor her for the half of day she should have been in school. To be frank, I suck at home schooling. She is now in first grade (full day) and struggles to stay on track with the expectations for her reading levels. I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to review the Reading Kingdom. This is a fantastic tool that has helped her get back on track. It is easy to use, fun and holds her attention. It’s helping her with reading, spelling, sequencing, motor skills, grammar, comprehension, phonics and computer skills! Chesney has been using this program for only a few weeks and has already shown drastic improvements. In fact, she was being pulled from her class daily for “reading enrichment,” where a reading specialist was helping her one-on-one. Since she’s been using the Reading Kingdom, they said she no longer needs the extra help!”

The founder of Reading Kingdom, Dr. Marion Blank, shared encouraging words about Chesney and her experience:

“Lots of children–like Chesney–face difficulties with the traditional teaching of reading that takes place in the classroom. Pull out services can be helpful but they have disadvantages–the children feel “different” and they miss out on some of the teaching activities, leading them to fall behind in other subjects. The Reading Kingdom can avoid those problems. In the safety and comfort of their home, they can learn ALL the skills needed for reading and writing and become stars in the class.”

Sweep Tight Review - Reading Kingdom Learning Softward
If you’re a parent with children needing help in developing their literacy skills, check out our great online reading program for kids!