Reading Kingdom Review “A great program for those who may be struggling with reading!”


“My 6 year old has been using the program AND enjoying it!  I actually tried this program with him before when he was younger. At that time he was not interested; so, it goes to show that readiness plays a HUGE role.  I’m glad we tried it again!

This is a great program for those who may be struggling with reading, for any reason, because it focuses on so much more than JUST phonics.

One great thing about this program is that it CAN be used on a tablet. My son used it on our iPad.

The lessons are pretty short, they didn’t take very long to complete (though I never actually timed them).  They do keep track of progress, which can be viewed on the site when you click on your child’s name.

What I also love about the program is it also works on keyboard skills and spelling while introducing reading!  It has nice graphics, entertaining, but nothing that detracts from the learning.  The fact it can be used on tablet or computer is great!  I also love that the lessons are short, so they are great for little ones with shorter attention spans.  They can choose to continue more than one lesson if they want, or be done with just one!”

— Jennifer Altman

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