Reading Kingdom Review “Ada loved that Reading Kingdom looks like a game.”


“This is a learn to read program for children ages four to ten years up, up through third grade level. It starts with a pre-test to gauge your child’s place, and then customizes the content from there. It can be used as a supplemental program, a full time learning program, at home, or in a classroom. Ada loved that Reading Kingdom looks like a game.

Reading Kingdom takes a totally different approach on teaching kids to read!  As an elementary education major I was interested to see how exactly this would play out. I feel as if I am brainwashed to teach reading through phonics with the traditional style of letter blends and sight words.

Have you ever noticed how most phonics-based books have silly nonsensical sentences that are designed just so children can sound out the rhyming words? Reading Kingdom seeks to avoid that! This thrills my Charlotte Mason based, classic book loving soul. This program strives to teach children to read based on the meaning of words in actual quality sentences right from the start.

Ada and I also both love that the lessons are designed to be short on a daily basis, so as not to overwhelm kids. The lessons have clear stopping points when the cute owl tells you you’re all done for the day.”

— Amy Amos

Reading Kingdom is designed like a game so your child will have fun learning to read.  Sign up today for a free 30 day trial.