Reading Kingdom Review: ” My daughter isn’t struggling anymore.”

“I have a daughter who even though in the fall of 2017 she will enter 5th grade she only just reads at the 1st grade level. Does it make me mad? It sure does. For me the education system has totally let her down. They change programs so often for reading that by the time a child catches on they change it or for those who struggle they totally get left behind. I have been searching for a program that would help my daughter to learn to read, not memorize but truly learn to read.

Reading Kingdom isn’t just about phonics it is so much more. The best part is that the sentences they do read are real sentences that make sense not sentences that just rhyme… Once she used this I asked my daughter what she thought about it. She said it was way different then she learns at school, she likes it, it is fun, and she already feels like she is reading better. I know she is my daughter but I have even seen a difference in her reading. Finally my daughter isn’t struggling anymore. Matter of fact when she saw her therapist she actually wanted to read a book to her and me instead of us reading to her. She needed help with a few words but just weeks ago she didn’t want to pick up a book at all unless someone else was reading it to her. This is already making a difference in her life.” – Pamela Marks

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