Reading Kingdom Review “He is now excited to work on Reading Kingdom every day.”


“ I’m very happy to tell you about how well Reading Kingdom has been working for us. We were able to use the program on both the laptop computer and the iPad.   All you really need for this is a reliable internet connection.

After making it to level 3 in the seeing sequence (learning to process from left to right), Magoo was hooked.  He loves getting points and earning animations in his reading passport.  He is now excited to work on Reading Kingdom every day, and one lesson is the perfect amount for his attention span.

I really like that this is a completely hands off program for me.  With trying to get lessons in for all three boys, it really is nice to have something for Magoo to do while I’m working with his brother.

In the time that we have been using it, I’ve noticed a huge increase in Magoo’s desire to learn the alphabet and he now tries to read everything.  Reading Kingdom is a great fit for my little guy!

The first two weeks were hard, but not that Magoo is comfortable with using the computer, he loves Reading Kingdom.

Becky Marie

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