Reading Kingdom Review “I love that this program is easy for us to use.”


“As I was reading about Reading Kingdom there are some feature that we haven’t really gotten to yet that I think are great assets for my daughter. One of the ways is the sounds of the words. There are words that have the same sound but yet are spelled different and that at times is where she gets stuck. I like the idea that it visually shows the sounds of the words in writing so that she can see the sound patterns. I like the idea that that a child is always working with words and sentences that actually mean something, meaning that she is learning context.

I love that this program is easy for us to use. It was simple starting her and having her evaluated to see the level and just diving right in. I also really like how this will build on her strengths as well. I also felt that she was engaged in the program as well.

The nice thing about this is that it works anywhere. You can use this on pc or mac and on the android and iOS tablets as well. So you can literally take this anywhere.

Overall I find this program very easy to use, builds on skills a child already has, and it’s nice to see my daughter smile when she completes a lesson and knows she is catching on to what she has been learning.”

— Stacie Lewin

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