Reading Kingdom Review: “I recommend Reading Kingdom to families with developing readers or struggling ones that seek independent learning online.”

“Make Reading Lessons Easy with Reading Kingdom!

Do you have a child that likes learning online and is ready to read?

Have you been trying to help a developing reader move from decoding simple words to comprehending longer passages?

Would you like to help your 4-10 year old child move from where she is at now to reading and writing at a third grade level?

Are you looking for an “easy button” for independent English Language Arts learning time?

Then, Reading Kingdom could be an ideal fit for you!

When your child logs onto Reading Kingdom for the first time, an assessment comes up which determines where in the program your child will automatically be placed.  If your child cannot effectively complete a particular section of the assessment, no further questions are presented for the moment.  Rather, your child moves on to develop skills at the level indicated.  (If, however, you note that your child already has the skills necessary for a section they are automatically placed in, you can override your child’s auto-placement, moving your child forward or back as you feel is necessary.)

Once placed at one of the five levels within the program, your child is presented with exercises and games in order to master skills.  These activities include multiple “books” per level, which means that by the end of the program your child will read over two dozen books independently!

Of course, between the “books”,  your child will have plenty of sound, word, and typing practice.  But, not too much.  For, the software is designed to skip over words that your child can already read and “write”. (The “writing” is actually keyboarding).

The automated adjustments of the program, thus, help your child avoids drill-and-kill (as long as keyboard- or touch-screen typing are not issues) and accelerates with learning at a custom-designed pace.

Further, at the conclusion of each of the five levels of reading and writing that the program offers, a Progress Check is made.  This helps the program software to ensure that your child’s reading achievements are on track.  If they are, your child moves onto the next level.  If not, your child is given a set of review activities to encourage stronger progress.

Finally, along with all the automated, individualized features of the program, Reading Kingdom offers your child a sense of being in control of his or her own learning.  At the conclusion of lessons, there is a component that allows your child choose to do more activities or not.  This feature can motivate your child with a sense of “I know I need to learn to read, and I can determine how much reading practice I am ready for right now.”

Obviously, with all these features, Reading Kingdom is a comprehensive program that can help your child master reading skills to a third-grade level.  It can do this as a stand-alone reading curriculum or can be used to supplement whatever approach you are already using.

I am glad Reading Kingdom came into our household again, because it has been offering us peaceful, consistent reading and writing skills practice and learning even when I am not available to do 1:1’s with my children.  I love that lessons are tailored to each child’s skill level and take only 12-20 minutes to complete.  I also appreciate that they can be done independently.  I would recommend the program to others with developing readers, especially those who struggle and enjoy learning online.

My youngest son is getting a steady diet of independent ELA lessons and my daughter is currently progressing with her reading and writing skills through a combination of Reading Kingdom and 1:1 lessons with me. In fact, today, when I sat down with her to read something, I was happily surprised by her increasing fluency and credit Reading Kingdom for part of her success.

I recommend Reading Kingdom to families with developing readers or struggling ones that seek independent learning online.”

        Martianne Stanger

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