Reading Kingdom Review “The kids LOVE the program!”



“Reading Kingdom has several levels that the kids can progress through. They started with an assessment test to determine what level they needed to start with. After that, they would each log on at some point during the day and complete a session. The best way to use the program is to allow the children to be as independent as possible, except perhaps with helping them physically control the mouse/track pad. I would go about my work and just listen/watch to see how things were going.

On the other hand, the kids had SO much fun doing the lessons that they often asked to do a second and I wasn’t about to stop them. I was delighted to see them learning basic keyboarding skills along with the reading skills, as well as reinforcing the things they were already learning in their regular reading programs.

This is a great reading program and we will continue to use it. It is more comprehensive than the one we were using with my 6 year old and is a great supplement to the one my 8 year old uses. I love that they can do the work almost entirely independently. As a busy mom of many, it’s nice to be able to hand them the laptop or iPad. I enjoy the way the program adjusts to my child and I can change settings on my own.

The kids LOVE the program!”

— Tauna Meyer

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