Reading Kingdom Review “My son has had an overall jump in his ability!.”


“When a child is initially signed up to Reading Kingdom Online, they will complete a skill survey.  This allows the program to place the child at a particular level that is suitable for them.    The program then customizes for each child to ensure they get exactly the learning they need to allow them to progress in this new skill.  The child will then move at their own pace through the reading/writing levels (1-5). The daily lessons are quite short to keep the child interested.  They include cute graphics & lots of positive reinforcement to encourage the student to try their very best. The student is very quickly able to complete their Reading Kingdom Online lessons entirely independently.

Since using Reading Kingdom, I have been pleasantly surprised at the progress in reading of my boy. He has had an overall jump in his ability.

— Renata Finch

 Your child’s reading ability will noticeably increase with Reading Kingdom in 30 days or less.  Sign up today for a free 30 day trial.