Reading Kingdom Review “My son has never enjoyed a program as much as he does Reading Kingdom Online.”


“The site is very user friendly from both the student and parent sides. My son, Little Man, can easily log in and continue his lessons without any help from me. Also, it is all website-based, so it can be accessed from any device that has the internet. When you sign in, it asks if you are using a physical keyboard or an on-screen keyboard, so it can adjust the lesson accordingly.

The lessons are pretty short. I’d say ten to fifteen minutes, and are meant to be completed in one sitting. It is possible to pause or stop in the middle, but it’s not necessary. My son has so much fun with it that he often completes two or three lessons in a sitting.
The program customizes to your child so, not only do they have placement tests at the beginning of the sections, but it bases future lessons on what your child mastered or needs extra help on in past and current lessons. To my kid, this keeps it from being boring.
As a child that already had a grasp on reading, Reading Kingdom has helped my son with his reading speed and comprehension. Before beginning, his spelling was terrible, but Reading Kingdom has helped that a lot. It introduces and reiterates words that are difficult to sound out, and just seeing them every day has improved his spelling. Most of all, he’s had so much fun while doing this. I can honestly say he has never enjoyed a program as much as he does Reading Kingdom Online.”
— Steph Black

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