Reading Kingdom Review: “Our son enjoys his ‘program’ so much that he was disheartened when we took a day off for his sister’s birthday party.”

“Our four-year-old son has always been interested in reading, so I jumped at the chance to review Reading Kingdom—which is an online grades K-3 reading program using “Phonics-PLUS.” Reading Kingdom contains a placement test as well as reading and writing lessons divided into five levels. Each level takes approximately 10-15 weeks to complete depending on the number of sessions completed each day.

Our son enjoys his ‘program’ so much that he was disheartened when we took a day off for his sister’s birthday party.

In the beginning, our son seemed to struggle because he was learning a new skill—using the keyboard. He had very limited experience using a mouse and almost no experience typing on a keyboard prior to starting the review of Reading Kingdom. He was very disappointed after the first lesson or two but after he learned how to type – and I adjusted the response time to give him more time before the program prompted him with the correct answer, he began to thoroughly enjoy working each day. We have also taken advantage of the “Getting to Know the Mouse and Keyboard” training exercises on several occasions.

There are many different ways in which children are taught reading and writing using Reading Kingdom. For example, in Reading and Writing Level One, children are taught new words through Pick the Picture, Detect and Select, and the reading of books. Reading Kingdom provides Sample Lessons which further explain how children are taught in levels 1 through 5.

I highly recommend taking a look at the Reading Kingdom website to learn more information. There is even a 30-day free trial if you want to try the online program for yourself! We have been very happy with Reading Kingdom and will continue to use it in our home to help our son grow in his reading, writing, and spelling.”

— Kristen Heider

Your child will enjoy learning to read with Reading Kingdom.  Sign up today for a free 30 day trial.