Reading Kingdom Review: “Overall, we love this program and I can definitely see myself using it again with my next reader or with another delayed reader.”

“Does your child struggle with reading?  Or maybe they’re just learning how to read and type?  For me, that’s the case.  I have a just turned seven-year-old girl who is beginning her reading journey.  We recently have been using Reading Kingdom.

Reading Kingdom is geared towards children ages four through ten.  It can be used on a touch screen pad or computer or a computer with a keyboard.  You are given the option to choose which you will be using.  We found it to be much easier for my daughter to do this on our Amazon Kids Kindle Fire than on our actual computer due to the typing portion.

This program will teach your child to read and write at a third-grade comprehension level.  There are six levels within the program.  Within the six levels, your child will learn to use sequencing, phonics sounds, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and reading comprehension to decode and decipher words.  By the time they are done with each word that is introduced, they can spell it, read it, use it in a proper sentence, sound it out, and know what it means. 

What we especially love is how it customizes itself to each child.  So each child gets a unique experience. 

The sessions are bright and colorful, fun and entertaining.  Each session is approximately 15 minutes long. Your child is encouraged to do one or two sessions a day every day of the week.  That is to say 4-5 days a week with five giving better results.  Or seven days a week if you have an overeager high achiever type child. 

As I mentioned above my daughter is seven and though she does know all her letters and can read some short words she was placed at level one for starting the program.  I almost just placed her there but had her do the placement test first.  I think part of the determining factor for her was that she was not fast at typing the letters at all. 

It is definitely easier for my daughter to use a touchscreen pad instead of a computer with an actual keyboard for this program.  She also found the beginning of the program easy.  This was because she did already know how to sound out and read some short words so filling in the missing letters for the same word over and over was a bit repetitive for her. However, she loved the positive feedbacks the program gives so she didn’t want to skip anything!

This is definitely a program my daughter is loving.  She’s been sad when I’ve only let her do the two lessons a day.  She was really wanting to keep going and do more and more!  The program does allow you to go back and review or rework older lessons but unless she had an issue with one I didn’t let her do that. 

Overall, we love this program and I can definitely see myself using it again with my next reader or with another delayed reader.”

Erin Slocum

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