Reading Kingdom Review “Reading Kingdom has taken the frustration out of reading.”


“There are a lot of reading programs option out today.  We have tried many…many of them.  We recently had the opportunity to try out Reading Kingdom Online Reading program.  Caty has been working with the program a few weeks now and I’m seeing a steady improvement in her reading and even some of her spelling skills.

Many children fail to become proficient readers because they get overwhelmed by the amount of phonics rules.  And this described Caty so well.  She struggles so much. There are fewer than 1 in 5 words that can be sounded out.  Caty gets so overwhelmed and frustrated trying to figure out why the words were not matching the sounds.  I was getting frustrated repeating, “Well that would be right, but there is this rule also.”  Reading Kingdom has taken the frustration out of forcing phonics based learning on her.  This is a big deal for us.

We actually start out each day’s schoolwork with Reading Kingdom.  The shorter lessons are great for her attention span, and most days she gets so excited about finishing another level….that she will actually do another lesson without complaint!!  That is saying a lot!! 

I like that Reading Kingdom is bright and colorful, has fun animal characters and yet those characters do not distract from the whole point of the program…….learning.  The added bonus of the short lessons is definitely wonderful.  In fact, I am shocked how much learning is packed into just a few minutes.

— Renita Kuehner

 Reading Kingdom is the frustration-free way to teach your child to read.  Sign up today for a free 30 day trial.