Reading Kingdom review: “Reading Kingdom is an awesome reading program.”


I think that Reading Kingdom is an awesome reading program.  It’s completely on the computer, and you’ll need a good internet connection to use it.  It’s meant for the student to do completely independently, with the parent just providing a little hand support to those children who have not completely mastered mouse and typing skills.  I love that I’m able to just hand my laptop to Rose and allow her to interact with the program.

She also loves using the program.  Some of the activities are like games.  Others are harder work, but they are all more fun and less burdensome than completing worksheets, phonics drills and spelling tests.  It’s the first reading program that she hasn’t complained about and it’s the first that has not caused tears.  Having a tear-free little girl is priceless to me, and is proof to me that this program meshes very well with Rose’s learning style.

I can also see great growth and self-confidence in Rose’s spelling and reading after just a few weeks on this program.  Although she’s only on the fifth reader of the first level, and she’s only actually been introduced to 25 different words so far on the program, she’s taking more chances and trying to sound out more words in her other schoolwork.  She’s also already trying to spell more outside of the program, and her invented spelling guesses are not that bad.  I’m happy to see how much this program has added to her self-confidence.

At first glance, the program seemed to move very slowly to me, but then I realized that once she knows words on the program, she really knows them.  She can read them, write them, spell them and tell me what they mean.  Even if she’s only learning one new word a day, over time those words are really adding up and building a very confident reader.

— Rebecca Ray

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