Reading Kingdom Review “Reading Kingdom makes reading fun and engaging.”


“Phonics relies on teaching sounds and sounding out as the only method to learn to read, while Reading Kingdom teaches all 6 skills used in reading- sequencing, writing, sounds, meaning, grammar, and comprehension. While our usual phonics program spends weeks or even months reading small snippets of letters, then lists of words, Reading Kingdom had my daughter reading words and even short sentences in the first week of use.

The program is meant to be used as either a standalone reading curriculum or as a supplement. I definitely think many children could use this alone for reading, but I choose to use it has a supplement. Let’s face it, phonics is easily boring and often frustrating for little ones. Reading Kingdom with its adorable owl and graphics, interactive nature, and nearly instant gratification of reading ‘real’ sentences and stories makes reading fun and engaging.”

— Amanda Land

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