Reading Kingdom Review “Reading Kingdom will always be our first choice”


Reading Kingdom is not a new program for my family. In fact, 3 years ago, we used it with my now 12-year-old. He was a struggling reader barely sounding out words, and — within 6 months — he was reading proficiently at grade level. It’s been such a useful tool in getting my learners at grade level in a frustration-free manner.

The Reading Kingdom approach embraces the fact that your child may not be reading well using the “sound it out” method (which I do still support), and gives kids a variety of tools to help them learn to read through sight words and other related words. This way, your child goes through the program learning to sound things out, but also with dozens of new words each week that they know. And since only 1 in 5 words can be sounded out, this is big!

Kids are given lots of opportunities to experience these words.  They are asked to find them in a group of random letters. They are asked to type them on the keyboard. They are read aloud and reinforced over and over. As children progress, you — the parent — can see how far they’ve come. It’s quite encouraging to see your struggling reader actually learning things!

My son enjoys his time at the computer, and the graphics and sound is of good quality.

Note that this program can be used on most any device, including PC’s, Macs, iPad, Android devices, and Chromebooks. I feel that this still continues to be one of the most comprehensive online programs on the market.

If you’ve been discouraged with the progress your child is making towards reading, you want to give your child an “edge” over other students, or you’re simply looking for a comprehensive reading curriculum that students can complete on their own (Reading Kingdom doesn’t require parental help beyond setting up the account — and parental interference is discouraged), this may be the program you’ve been looking for.

Update: My son just read through his first book! This is a huge accomplishment for us. He picked out a 2nd grade reading book, and he wasn’t even able to make it through a sentence before this program. While I really believe that kids have to be “ready” to learn to read, and no program can force their development too much, Reading Kingdom will always be our first choice for confronting learning challenges head on. It has proven too effective to ignore.

— Linsey Knerl

Your child will excel at reading with Reading Kingdom.  Sign up today for a free 30 day trial.