Reading Kingdom Review: “The fact that she enjoys and looks forward to her lessons is a big plus!”

“Each lesson takes Little Bug about 15 minutes or so to complete.  She really does enjoy the lessons but sometimes she does still get a little frustrated.  She is very strong-willed and doesn’t like when the lady “helps” her or instructs her what she needs to do.  We are currently using this every day so she completes 4-5 lessons per week as long as we don’t miss a day.  In the above video, she seems to have great trouble spelling “walk.”  When I asked her how to spell “walk” about an hour after her lesson she quickly spouted out the correct spelling.  I was pleased!  I think she struggles a little and we do need to go back and repeat a few lessons but I can see great progress in her.  And to be clear she is still in PreK and will not technically be Kindergarten age till this fall (but we have done a lot of Kindergarten work this past year). As your child advances through the lessons, the program adjusts as necessary so that your child does not become frustrated or overwhelmed with the material.  The reports show you areas where your child might need help or to go back and review a section if necessary. We have really enjoyed this program and I must admit that when we started I was pretty skeptical.  I was pretty sure this was probably not the program for us and that perhaps she might be struggling a little.  As we progress I am more impressed and look forward to seeing what our end results will be.  The fact that she enjoys and looks forward to her lessons is a big plus!”

Jacqui Trammell

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