Reading Kingdom Review: “The first skill that drastically improved for my son was his reading confidence.”

“From our experience, Reading Kingdom does a wonderful job at teaching children how to read and write. As the child progresses through the program, it customizes the activities for them based on their progress.  By adapting to the child, it helps to minimize frustrations and discouragement. After using this program for at least 4 days a week, I noticed a significant improvement in my son’s reading ability.   I love how the program slowly introduces new words as the child progresses.

As soon as my son started the program, it explained to him that adults should not help him with his lessons, so he looked at me and said “Mom, I can do this all on my own!” He was so excited to get started!  After his first lesson, he couldn’t wait to do the next lesson.  The program recommends that the child only does 1 lesson a day, so we stayed with that suggestion throughout the review period except for a few times when my son asked to do two lessons. 


The first skill that drastically improved for my son was his reading confidence. Prior to using Reading Kingdom, he was still struggling with recognizing words.  After two weeks of using the program, he was extremely proud of himself as he could finish the lesson much faster with less difficulty as he was recognizing and reading words more quickly.

Another great skill that is learned with Reading Kingdom is the keyboard, especially for young children who are just beginning to use a keyboard.  Your child is able to become more familiar with the letters on the keyboard along with using the shift key and the space bar.

As a parent, I can log on and review how my child is progressing and I can also receive a weekly usage report and a weekly results report through email.


One aspect that I love about Reading Kingdom is that it has an indicator in the top corner that tells the child how many activities they have to do in the daily lesson and it shows them how many activities they have completed so far.  This was great for my son as, at times, he has a short attention span and it helped him to see how he was progressing and how many more activities he had to do for the day. The length of the lessons were no more than approximately 15 to 30 minutes which was perfect for my son.  He ended each day feeling proud of his accomplishment!

He absolutely loved the variety of activities, from popping bubbles carried by fish to finding words within a small paragraph. I really enjoyed watching him proceed through the activities as I started to see a pattern of the types of activities that he excelled at and the types that he was struggling with.”

Kari Lynn Hoffman

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