Reading Kingdom Review “The Reading Kingdom Online program has been a HUGE success!”


“We have struggled with reading the past two years in our homeschooling journey. After trying multiple programs without success, I was excited to try Reading Kingdom with my six and four year olds for one year. The Reading Kingdom Online program has been a HUGE success!

I wasn’t sure how my son was going to respond with his diagnosis of Apraxia and Sensory Processing issues, but with a little tweak to the response time, he LOVES the program.

My daughter needed someone other than me helping her with reading at this point. While I had to set up the computer and log into the program for her, she was able to take ownership of the program. It’s been a great introduction to independent learning. She has thrived with the Reading Kingdom online program. They both have.

It is suggested that you use the program four times a week for the most success. Don’t worry about trying to remember that though. Not only does the program remind you, so will your children.

Reading Kingdom has been our favorite reading program. It is teaching them skills to learn how to read at their own pace. You can use it on the computer or tablet which makes it convenient to continue learning while away from home.”

— Whitney Cornelison

Reading Kingdom will become your child’s favorite way to learn to read.  Sign up today for a free 30 day trial.