Reading Kingdom Review: “We can really see a difference in how well this son and daughter are reading.”

“My younger children use digital resources much more readily than their older siblings do.  I don’t know if this is due to their age, the growing number of resources available, or that we are more comfortable allowing our children to use digital resources.  Some years back, we reviewed Reading Kingdom as part of the Homeschool Review Crew.  Our user at that time was our oldest daughter that has some reading challenges.  Working with our youngest two children and helping them learn to read has proved to be the same kind of fun.  The main thing I have learned is that repetition is key, everyday.  If you have helped your child learn to read, you know all the fun this can be (and all the times you’d rather scrub the toilet).  I was so excited that Reading Kingdom is still in the business of helping children learn to read – and that we get to review it for you.

Both of our youngest children are working in Reading Kingdom.  Both started at the beginning, Level 1, after taking a placement test.  Not only are phonics and reading skills tested here, but spelling and typing as well.  That is one of the things that really sets Reading Kingdom apart from other reading programs we have used.  It is working on six skill areas at once to teach and improve reading.  They call it Phonics-PLUS Decoding System.  It incorporates not only sounds (like phonics) but also writing, grammar, sequencing, meaning, and comprehension.  From the beginning typing the words is part of the activities.

I love that I can tell where they are and how they are doing with just a few clicks.  Within a lesson, they can tell how many more activities they have to complete.  My daughter likes this.  She is trying to move through quickly and this keeps her motivated.

At first, it seemed as though this was mostly focusing on sight-word style of learning.  I feel strongly about phonics, but honestly, if you look at word-frequency lists, most of the words in American English are not phonetic.  Sounding out words that don’t follow phonics rules is not a fun or easy way to learn to read.  The way Reading Kingdom is incorporating different skills is very effective.

Hillary Moore