Reading Kingdom Review “We loved Reading Kingdom and highly recommend it”

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“Online reading programs are a big deal in our home, because reading isn’t something that has come easy for my girls. We have used many programs in the past and I couldn’t be more pleased with this one.

My daughter, Gracie, has always struggled with reading and writing and in these short few weeks she has not only advanced through the program fairly fast, but she has also retained the information she has been learning. That is a huge blessing for her and me as well. We have used programs before that they have done well within the program, but haven’t retained the information. This hasn’t been the case with Reading Kingdom. She enjoys logging in and completing her lessons and sometimes even asks if she can continue on. Of course, I say yes! A daughter asking to do her reading and writing assignments is incredible. I’m so thankful that we have finally found a program that she enjoys and learns so well with.

As you can probably already tell, we loved Reading Kingdom and highly recommend it.”

— Jennifer Silcott 

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