Reading Kingdom Review: “Yet what I am finding is that with Reading Kingdom you can start the reading process with excitement.”

“We have used Reading Kingdom in the past and as a mother and teacher of four I am very glad to have this resource in my teaching tool belt. As a busy mama, who has tried to teach a reading skill that just hasn’t full taken root yet, I’m glad to bring in Reading Kingdom and excited that Reading Kingdom is completely self-explanatory and I did not have to search any obscure FAQs page to get us started or on our learning journey. Three years ago, when I first was teaching my oldest to further her seemingly advanced reading skills I wrote a review on Reading Kingdom and those opinions still apply, especially when I talked about how Reading Kingdom helps me as a mother. When it comes to teaching your little’s to read, or even working with an older struggling reader it takes patience and repetition. Sometimes more repetition than a tired mama brain wants to handle on a given day, much less to make it exciting and interactive for an imaginative child to gain and stay passionate about reading. Previously as a nanny and reading advocate I discussed with my parents the fact that they just had to find that one book that sparked imagination and desire to read. Yet what I am finding is that with Reading Kingdom you can start the reading process with excitement. Mama might get burned out with ‘spell the word more‘ but the Reading Kingdom owl will say it again and again (with frustration in her voice!) until the kiddo can get it. And then she can pop balloons, or fish bubbles, or rescue kittens, or whatever else the application system presents at that time. With excitement! enthusiasm! and a sense of accomplishment! These kids are learning and then when they realize they can read little bits of things, they want to and then it is your child reading the princess book to you, instead of you to them. Then you share, then memories are being made.”

— Margaret Chind

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