Reading Kingdom is a 5 star reading program!


Mystiqua from the Pursuit of Titus 2 blog teaches her kids to read with the Reading Kingdom.  Here’s what she thinks about our online learning program and how it adapts to her children’s independent needs.

My kiddos have had an awesome time using the website as a supplement to their reading this year. Now in their own words I will share with you their initial reactions to using it for the first time.

The Builder – “Reading Kingdom is very easy for me to understand.” (The Builder has a learning disability with Sensory Processing Disorder)

The Princess – “It is cool and I want to play it everyday!” (She loves it and cries ~for a long time~ when her turn is up…) LOL

The WonderPet –  “I want to play now!”

My thoughts:

I particularly like the way I receive an email from Reading Kingdom to check the progress of my kiddos. Being that I am a mother to six, with four of them being homeschooled, this really helps out a ton.

The graphics are stimulating for all of them, which is important for my visual spatial learner. And it also keeps my little ones involved without getting bored. And for my auditory learner he actually talks right along with the program whenever he answers the questions.

The site is very easy to get around and I don’t have to figure out how to get through to the next level or next portion of study. I highly recommend Reading Kingdom as either a supplement or even a full core curriculum for children ages 4-10.

I give Reading Kingdom 5 stars! Please check them out to see if it is right for your child and to find out more about them and how you can sign your child up for this amazing program.” — Mystiqua Kimble

Whatever your children’s learning needs, Reading Kingdom adapts to them.  Our program helps children learning to read from preschool through the third grade, including special help for struggling readersSign up for 30 days free and see the magic within Reading Kingdom!