Our Reading Program Caters to Every Child’s Learning Style

Lisa is a mom who used our online reading program with her child and was happy to see a perfect fit for their learning style.  Here’s what she has to say:

“The program is completely interactive and engages the child from start to finish.  In many ways, it is like a game (with rewards and incentives!) and makes learning fun. The child works independently (which is wonderful!) and the parent receives email updates (or anytime upon login) as to the child’s progress.

The daily activities are short enough to keep the child’s attention and focus.  I must admit that the initial “survey” was quite long and Kiddo wanted to quit several times.  However, this shows me that it was a very thorough evaluation.  Once his individualized program began, he was interested and eager to make progress!  🙂  When the child “earns” a new “book” to read through the lessons, he/she will already have learned all of the words in the book and can read it with skill and confidence.  This makes for a proud child and parent.  This program sets the child up for success, not failure.  🙂

I also like that not only is word recognition, spelling and typing skills focused upon, but word comprehension. The act of reading is pointless without true comprehension.

Kiddo looks forward each day to the lesson and we plan to continue the program into our school year.” – Lisa Boyle

See how our online reading program can help your child learn to read in only a few months. Join Lingo and company for a free 30 day trial to get started; we’ll see you soon!